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Though there will be National 1 courses produced, equivalent to Access 1, these are rarely used in mainstream schools.

Though there will be National 2 courses produced, equivalent to Access 2, these are rarely used in mainstream schools. Though National 3 Qualifications may be used with older pupils, the content is very much at the Introduction to Chemistry level and could be used with pupils S1-S3 11 - 14yrs. National 4 is the beginning of more specialised Chemistry teaching.

Internally assessed mainly. Is a specialised Chemistry course designed to take pupils onto Higher level.

Externally assessed. This is the specialised Chemistry course which provides the entrance requirement for many Further Education courses. This overlaps with early stages of Degree courses. Though not essential, this course is aimed at those seriously considering studying Chemistry or related subjects at University. I'll use this for resources that are not specifically aimed at any particular course and may well be simply for fun. National 3. National 4.

National 5 Past Papers

National 5. National 6. Mr McKenzie What a find! My son might stand a chance now of not only passing his physics exams but actually getting interested in the subject again. Thank you. Heyy Mr Makenzie Great Int 2 stuff. Is there going to be any more in the new year for Int Stuff on circuits would be great.

If only every subject had this kind of site with the power points and videos — I would be guaranteed straight A passes int 2!

Chemistry Intermediate 2 SQA Past Papers 2008

Thank you so much, this really helped and it was entertaining :L. Physics exam soon, now i might even pass it :D. As long as you know how to use all the different equations and rearrange them it should all be good…. What happened to all of the past papers that used to be on this page?

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I miss them! Thanks for having them up before it really helped my pupils and I having easy access to so many Past Papers. Helllooo SuperProbie!!! Past papers will return in the near future, I promise. Your powerpoint straightened it up though. Thanks alot. Your very liked Mr Mackenzie — and I can understand why.

Grade 9 maths paper

Your videos are incredibly well thought out — and make everything seem much more simple than most. Here is a video guide to drawing a vector scale diagram to find displacement. Total internal reflection total internal reflection from mr mackenzie on Vimeo. You should be able to draw ray diagrams for the following situations; objects closer than one focal length objects between one and two focal lengths objects more than two focal lengths from the lens These videos will help.

SQA Past Papers

Unit 4 radioactivity — powerpoint file summarising the radioactivity unit radiation quiz — how much do you know about radioactivity? How to do half-life calculations pdf Radiation doses are mentioned in this article in The Guardian newspaper. Thanks for all the effort. I know how long it must have taken.

Much appreciated. This is a great revision tool.