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One piece of non-fiction writing — One analytical evaluative commentary. The coursework unit is awarded through internal assessment. For distance learners, this unit will be assessed at the centre which is hosting your examinations. Some centres may apply an additional marking fee. It is important to note that although the marks are confirmed by the examination board in June, you must submit the course work portfolio in good time for thorough assessment to take place.

You will need to consult your individual centre to confirm their preferred deadline. This unit is assessed by internal assessment, as outlined in the introduction. You are becoming more independent as a learner and this unit provides you with opportunities to make your own choices and follow your own interests. You will be expected to find reading resources yourself as part of the expectation of A Level study.

Technically there is a free choice of literary and non-fiction texts. You must choose one substantial fiction or non-fiction text as your core text which will be studied in detail. As a distance learner, the learning materials will provide a model pathway using The Kite Runner and Band of Brothers as the core texts.

Should you have clear alternative texts in mind, you will have the support of your tutor in evaluating the suitability of your choices.

Your tutor will support you with your task formulation and give you guidance with appropriate topics and ideas. To comply with the specification, your reading must include one core fiction text and one core non-fiction text to provide a foundation for your writing. Suggestions for additional or alternative texts will be made throughout the unit. As with unit 3 unseen prose, it is advised to read a wide range of genres and texts written for various audiences and purposes. Students will also use the Edexcel Voices in Speech and Writing Anthology to prepare for the examination.

This will be provided free of cost by Pearson Edexcel.

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Students can apply for these directly from the exam board, or ask their exam centres to order a copy for them when registering for the examinations. UCAS points are awarded according to the grade earned, please see below for details. A levels are also widely recognised by employers and are useful for students looking to progress their careers or meet requirements for promotion.

The course should encourage students to develop their interest and enjoyment in English as they: — Use integrated linguistic and literary approaches in their reading and interpretation of texts. Currency Converter All course fees will be charged in GBP and will vary according to the exchange rate at the point of billing. All students must be 16 years of age or above.


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Study Hours Required Approximately hours. In this unit, you will be required to show knowledge and understanding of: — Use a range of techniques to evaluate the effectiveness of texts for various audiences and purposes. In this unit you will build on responses to non-fiction made in Unit 1 and develop the ability to: — Appreciate how context, audience and purpose may shape a text. This unit is designed to help you: — Consolidate your knowledge of literary and linguistic devices by reading widely within a topic are that you have selected or devised.

Should you have clear alternative texts in mind, you will have the support of your tutor in evaluating the suitability of your choices Your tutor will support you with your task formulation and give you guidance with appropriate topics and ideas. Band of Brothers. Pocket Books: London, Successfully reported this slideshow. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. You can change your ad preferences anytime.

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Views Total views. Actions Shares. Embeds 0 No embeds. No notes for slide. A level english coursework planning 1. Compare and contrast how dramatists use linguistic and literary techniques to present magic in The Tempest and The Crucible.

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By close analysis of linguistic and dramatic devices, explore how humour is used in both Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead to present important themes. Using integrated linguistic and literary approaches, discuss how language is used to convey attitudes to women in Much Ado About Nothing and Oleanna. Tips for structuring your essay 1. Pinning Down the Argument Every essay needs to have an over-arching argument that links all the strands together in order to present a coherent answer to the question.

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It needs to be clear immediately from the start of the essay what the argument will be and how all the different points that you discuss are going to build upon and support this point of view. The best way to start thinking about your argument is to write a thesis statement. This is just a paragraph or so that sets out your own answer to the question and can be used to help write the introduction and to remind you of your central focus at every stage of the essay-writing process. Introduction This needs to begin confidently by setting out exactly what you think the answer to the question is and how you are going to prove it through your textual analysis.

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Introductions can include historical context and biographical information but only if it is relevant to the essay question. Do not be tempted to include something just in the hope that you will impress the reader with your knowledge of the subject.