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Thirteen of those states also have state laws protecting patients rights; but only two, Colorado and Washington have also passed a law legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. Therefore, even though a patient can legally get a recommendation for medical marijuana in all twenty-five of those states, unless the patient.

Throught this time some states have taken action against the Federal government on account of the right of the people in thier state. The holistic medthology of marijuana leads back to the times of the Native Americans and their cultural use when they harnessed the plant for many medical treatments.

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The idea. Medical Marijuana Legalization Recently, Medical marijuana has been a big controversy. The government has been debating whether or not they should legalize it. As of right now the congress have left states to decide. Since it is still illegal under the federal government all together then a person can still get in trouble for it.

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The legalization of marijuana would be beneficial to a lot of people. Marijuana has been proven to help with a lot of things. There are positive and negative things that go along with taking in medical marijuana. The people that would be interested in looking over this article would be those that take on the use of medical marijuana and those that could possibly benefit from it.

In the past, medical marijuana was just a simple study, that was conducted in Mississippi.

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  • The lab. When talked about, marijuana has a bad reputation for judgment. Because of the criminalization of the substance, only a handful of studies have been performed, affecting the justification of its use. More recently, the issue regarding the legalization of medical marijuana, for individual. This product is medical cannabis.

    Medical cannabis is legal in 28 states. This means that it could be used for medical reasons, but not for personal consumption. Patients can get ahold of this medication with a prescription from a doctor. There are many types of medical marijuana that are used to treat different types of chronic conditions. What the patient would have to do is bring in their medical marijuana card and turn it into the pharmacy or one of these stores. Did Congress truly have the power to regulate medical marijuana, as it was not explicitly written out in the Constitution?

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    Well, after truly interpreting the case and understanding the facts, I do feel that I would have ruled the case to be in the hands of the states. The case that was presented before the Supreme Court concerning the use of medical marijuana was. The legalization of medical marijuana has been a very controversial topic in the United States. In the year the United States government classified marijuana as a Schedule 1 substance that has no medical value.

    Even though marijuana has been considered illegal since the s it is the most widely used illicit recreational drug. In , California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana. In , there are 28 states that have medical marijuana legalized and of those 28 states. There are some medical reasons that people smoke marijuana but not many. When states legalized medical marijuana there has been troubles with people that are smoking marijuana.

    The Federal government should not legalize medical marijuana because of all. Overall public opinion leans toward keeping this mysterious drug away from pharmacy shelves. However, rare medical cannabis research studies show that marijuana alleviates pain from a plethora of debilitating diseases. All in all, the use of medical marijuana does have drawbacks, but marijuana is still a reliable course of treatment. This article examined the relationship of marijuana use among youths and ease of access to the amount of medical marijuana cards that are available as well as marijuana norms as specified by the percentage of voters that approve the legalization of medical marijuana.

    I believe that there is no relationship between the number of medicinal marijuana cards that are available and the use among youths and teens. This article focuses on the cons of medical marijuana, such as it is becoming accessible among. ANA Position on the use of medical marijuana The American Nurses Association supports the use of medical marijuana among patients who suffer from many known medical conditions.

    There are three main points that the American Nurses Association. Medical marijuana dispensaries in communities One topic that has been debated for years is whether medical marijuana dispensaries should be legalized or not.

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    Medical marijuana dispensaries would benefit the community and the government economically, and even socially. Medical marijuana dispensaries should be legalized in communities because it would help. Medical marijuana has been proven to succor these symptoms so the patients last moments in this world are pleasant.

    The plant, marijuana, is derived from the Indian hemp plant, it contains an active ingredient THC. Its classification is described as a psychogenic, narcotic, and hallucinogen. Under federal law, marijuana is a schedule 1 controlled substance with no established medical uses. The extensive benefits pertaining to medical marijuana has shown to relieve chronic. As a Nurse, I am a patient advocate and I feel that marijuana has incalculable medical benefits.

    I most defiantly shed a few tears while watching these families who had run out of options for their children; with the exception of marijuana. I cannot even fathom the thought of giving my own child marijuana. Although, if I felt it would help him and I had run out of other options, you had better. Lester Grinspoon, Harvard Medical School.

    Marijuana known as the gateway drug is inaccurately portrayed by society. It has received a bad reputation through the years of misuse and abuse.

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    However, many studies have proven the health benefits of marijuana. Medical Marijuana Marijuana has been used around the world for thousands of years to treat a wide variety of ailments. Chinese emperor Shen Nung was the first to record marijuana as a medical drug in B. The legalization of medical marijuana has long been debated within American society and Government. Marijuana was a legal source for medicines in the U. Medical Marijuana Part 2 Most people ask, "Why should medical marijuana be legal? Also, Medical Marijuana helps people with weight loss caused by an illness such as HIV, seizure, Crohn's disease, and some people like the feeling.

    For the majority of people that like the way medical marijuana make them feel uses it illegally mainly gets it from the streets.

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    People who. Medical marijuana is a natural medicine of great value which is in danger of being banned from medical use in the United States. Many people might wonder when marijuana became a popular idea for medicinal purposes. The Chinese. Medical Marijuana Medical marijuana comes from cannabis, a plant that uses a chemical THC as a medicine. Marijuana could turn a bed ridden kid into a happy; playful toddler.

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    Although marijuana has several benefits it has not been provided to a significant amount of needing patients. This is because it is illegal in most of the United States.