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In the initial stage an advertisement must attract attention. Lastly, the advertisement must motivate action from the viewer, which in concrete terms, is purchasing the product. First, the image is highly attractive and pleasing to eye because of the contrasting colors of blue and yellow-orange which will immediately stand out if placed beside other advertisements in a magazine or newspaper, or even among other billboards. This is important because advertisements are not supposed to blend in with its surroundings, or else they will go unnoticed. Standing-out among other advertisements or other forms of media is crucial.

This is because despite that fact that an advertisement may be funny, witty, or memorable, it important that it must first be initially attractive to target viewers.

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This Pepsi advertisement makes good use of color as a medium of showing the tone or mood of the message the advertisement is trying to convey. Blue or teal is the most dominant color in this advertisement.

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The can of Pepsi is blue and so is the table and the rest of the background, giving the advertisement a very cool and relaxing visual feel. It is curious to note that its direct competitor, Coca-Cola, uses red.

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The yellow-orange of the bowl of cheese curls immediately stands out of the rest of the blue background as a happy, vibrant and exciting color. It creates contrast in the image. This selection of colors go hand in hand with the punchline of the advertisement which shows humor, and which gives human qualities to inanimate objects such as a bowl of cheese curls. These colors of blue and yellow-orange give the advertisement a very vibrant and positive tone or mood. The bowl of cheese curls, being in the color or yellow-orange and immediately standing out of the blue background, is the object immediately seen by the viewer.

Then only is the view directed to look at the can of ice cold Pepsi.

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  • This is how the composition of objects within a frame can control the gaze of the viewer from one object to another until the entire message of the advertisement is conveyed. Aside from showing the product itself, the advertisement shows a bowl of cheese curls. This is a snack which is commonly eaten by children, teenagers, and young adults alike. The use of this snack in the advertisement together with the can of Pepsi shows us the target audience of this image: children, teenagers, and young adults.

    The cheese curls, shown in a happy shade of yellow-orange, is arranged in such a way that brings humor to the image. This is the punchline or the big idea of the advertisement.

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    The cheese curls are shown to have crawled out of the bowl and holding on to each other to form a human hand that is reaching out for the can of cold Pepsi. It persuades the viewer to buy a can of Pepsi and a bag of chips. If one looks more closely, the can of Pepsi is wet with dew around it, indicating that it is a very cold can of Pepsi.

    This makes the can of Pepsi a lot more enticing to the viewer while he reads the newspaper, magazine, or while walking in a subway station, especially in the middle of a hot summer day.

    The angle of the entire image is also very direct and horizontal, not signifying any status symbol, or edgy look. It is clear, plain, and simple, and straightforward. It is just showing the viewer in a very plain and simple manner the humor of the punchline. This makes the image easily understandable when viewed from a distance or from a moving vehicle. It is interesting to note that nowhere in the image does it show or explain what exactly Pepsi is.

    This is because Pepsi has long been a player in the soda industry and has been advertising long enough already. They no more need to inform consumers what exactly their product is. This is one of the advantages of being a known brand. It allows the brand to use humorous advertisements such as these.

    Clearly, there is no way that Pepsi could have effected this advertisement without the use of images. Images in advertising are of paramount importance.

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    Pepsi Advertisement Analysis. Accessed October 18, This is just a sample. You can get your custom paper from our expert writers. Advertisements can either take the form of print advertising through newspapers, magazines, brochures, and fliers or in non-print form such as those found in television, radio, video, and internet. Kaitlyn Rial A September 18, The Ar t o f Adv ertising Manipulating the consumer and persuading them to buy a product is the art of advertising.

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    One product can be perceived differently depending on a potential buyer or its context. For instance, a car will appear differently to men and women based on its appeal towards a particular sex. Advertisers for the Ford Fusion showcased the same ad in two magazines significant to both sexes, Elle and Sports Illustrated.

    In each ad, the vehicle had the same appearance, except the way it was displayed in context given the audience of the magazine. The ad portrayed a very alluring, feminine, yet adventurous, masculine feel through its captivating design, illusionary graphics and color, and symbolic product description.

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    In the Sports Illustrated magazine, the ad begins with a picture of muddy, game cleats on the upper right corner of the page and the shoelace of the cleat spirals down transforming into an open road. In Elle. Share this link with a friend: Copied!